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Olivia Morris

Portrayed by

Marielle Jaffe


17 (deceased)

Appears in

Scream 4

Olivia Morris was one of Woodsboro High School's students involved in the Second Woodsboro serial killings. She was bitchy and a bit slutty, with a silver tongue. Olivia seems to have made many enemies due to her inability to keep some things to herself, and her need to always be in the spotlight. She eventually ended up as a victim of Ghostface.


Olivia attended Woodsboro High School, and was a popular cheerleader with a bitchy attitude. She liked to talk about people, and claimed to 'despise' Marnie Johnson.

Following the disappearances of Patty Carlson and Robbie Templeton, Olivia began spreading theories that Robbie killed Patty and ran off, making it look as if they ran away from Woodsboro. After making a 'gay' joke about her bisexual friend Kirby Reed, Olivia begins to see the errors in her ways. She apologizes to Kirby, who doesn't seem to accept her apology due to her sensitivity of the comment.

After a football game, Olivia was washing up in the cheerleader's locker room and found herself chased out of the school to the football field by Ghostface, the killer claiming the English teacher Mr. Payne along the way out of the school. Hiding under the bleachers on the football field, Olivia is stabbed in the shoulder. Moments later, while attempting to flee, Olivia is stabbed through the top of her head and killed.

Her body is dragged out from under the bleachers and placed in the middle of the football field, lights shined on her, with a message in blood on the wall: "She will be forever remembered in the spotlight..."