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Here is a list of all the people that die in the respective movies of the fanmade second Scream trilogy.

Scream 4[]

# Name Cause of Death Killer
1. Trudie Jennings Stabbed in the Chest Ghostface
2. Sherrie Blake Throat Slit Ghostface
3. Rachel Barnes Stabbed Chloe Patterson
4. Marnie Cooper Gutted and Thrown Through The Window(possibly hung from ceiling) Ghostface (Charlie Walker)
5. Jenny Randall Ghostface (Jill Roberts)
6. Olivia Morris Gutted Ghostface (Charlie Walker)
7. Rebecca Walters Stabbed and Thrown off News Van Ghostface (Jill Roberts)
8. Ross Hoss Gutted off-screen, and hung on a ferris wheel by his intestines Ghostface (Jill Roberts)
9. Anthony Perkins Stabbed In The Head Ghostface(Jill Roberts)
10. Kate Roberts Stabbed Through Mail Slot Ghostface (Jill Roberts)
11. Robbie Mercer Stabbed  Ghostface(Charlie Walker)
12. Trevor Sheldon Shot Jill Roberts(Unmasked)
13. Charlie Walker Stabbed

Jill Kessler (Unmasked)

14.Jill Roberts was also killed and Kirby Reed was stabbed but never confirmed dead

Scream 5[]

# Name Cause of Death Killer
1. Morgan Linley Leg skewered trying to escape through skylight, knocked out, accidentally stabbed by Lacy and fatally stabbed by the killer Ghostface (Jason Broyles)/Lacy Ryan
2. Lacy Ryan Minor stab wounds during chase through construction zone, wrapped in chains and stabbed in chain, gutted and hung upside-down in front of parade Ghostface (Jason Broyles)
3. Julie Warner Stabbed in chest repeatedly, back broken on corner of wall, hung Ghostface (Jason Broyles)
4. Nameless Truck Driver Stabbed in the side of the head Ghostface (Jason Broyles)
5. Peter Warner Stabbed repeatedly in the chest and stomach, face smashed against windshield Ghostface (Jason Broyles)
6. October King Stabbed in the ankle, stabbed repeatedly in the back, throat slashed Ghostface (Ginny Kramer)
7. Kieran "Turtle" Ord Stabbed in the side and thrown off roof onto a generator that explodes Ghostface (Ginny Kramer)
8. Lyle Lin Stabbed in the chest, decapitated by pin-setter at bowling alley Ghostface (Ginny Kramer)
9. Robert Romero (off-screen) Stabbed repeatedly in the chest (off-screen) Ghostface (Jason Broyles)
10. Detective Boyd Stabbed in the bridge of his nose Ghostface Ginny Kramer
11. Tina Bracke Stabbed in the back by Jason, then stabbed in the back and chest by both killers Ghostface (Ginny Kramer) and Ghostface (Jason Broyles)
12. Charlie Walker Stabbed in the chest and pinned to the door Ghostface (Ginny Kramer)
13. Jason Broyles Stabbed in the chest with butcher knife Garrett Laudan|}